Ellie and Jaji are childhood friends with an affinity for the occult. However, their plan to gather enough members to start up an occult club at their high school goes a bit off course, and now the three of you have some demons to contend with…or befriend. Will you be able to convince them to stick around, or will things with your new infernal allies go south?

Mitra is a story following a reckless occult club and it’s… unlikely new members as they go about a totally normal school day. Completely normal, I say; nothing to see here.

This game is currently in a demo stage and was made in a month for the 2021 Spooktober VN Jam!


  • Dozens of unique, hand-drawn pieces of art
  • Multiple story choices and two endings (a.k.a. you should play it more than once)
  • A fully original soundtrack!
  • A head-first dive into the occult
  • Four (4) demons
  • No wait, two (2) demons and two (2) yaksha (Google it, human!)
  • The three humans that started this mess
  • …A duck?



Coming soon!

DOwnload Links

Demo/Jam Version

Original soundtrack