Trailer & Synopsis

Riza Wolfe is the kind of person often referred to as a daydreamer. With her high school days approaching an end quicker than she would like, and the threat of a mundane adult life looming over her, she’s always wondering if there’s something more out there.

As it turns out, there is.

After receiving an unassuming dream catcher as a gift one day, Riza soon finds herself following a character she thought she’d made up through a mysterious nexus realm and into a parallel world, where she is supposedly one of seven “Dreamers” of legend. She gets what she’s always wanted–an adventure, and a greater purpose…sort of. The problem is, no one seems to know exactly why the Dreamers are there, just that it means something very, very bad is coming. It’s up to Riza, her new werewolf guardian, Luna, and the assortment of companions they collect along the way to unite with the other Dreamers, and figure out why they were summoned…before it’s too late. 

Follow Riza around the map as she chases destiny…or maybe it chases her.


  • Ongoing series with short, easy to digest “episodes” released every 2 months or so.
  • Dozens of unique CG images in each chapter.
  • Tons of character sprites with an ever-growing library of expressions and poses.
  • Large cast of colorful characters and creatures, each with their own quirks, secrets, and dynamics with others–you’re sure to find a favorite (or two) as the story progresses!
  • Magic, monsters, and mayhem–a grand adventure in a parallel world with plenty of action to be seen and lore to be discovered.
  • A story about growing up, and maybe also saving the world–inspired by JRPGs and isekai anime.



Age 17 - She/Her
The Wolf Dreamer.

Art Ref
VA - Multiknights


Age ?? - She/Her
The Guardian.

Art Ref
VA - Elissa Park


Age 17- He/Him
The Thief.

Art Ref
VA - Jazzy Oliver


Age 15- He/Him
The Mage.

Art Ref
VA - Elissa Park


Age 18 - She/Her
The Assassin.

Art Ref
VA - Kelly Greenshield


Age 67 - He/Him
The Keeper.

VA - Ray O'Hare


Age ?? - He/Him
The Pest.

VA - Geoff Butler


Age ?? - He/Him
The Steed.

VA - N/A


Age ?? - He/Him
The Golddigger.

VA - Joshua Cookingham


Age ?? - He/Him
The Teacher.

VA - Ryan Hoyle

Mr. Relecross

Age 42 - He/Him
The Mayor-King.

VA - N/A

Suzume & Mel

Age 17 - She/Her
The Friends.

VA - Shakyra Dunn & Katie Otten

DOwnload Links

Volume 1 (Ch. 1-5)

Chapter 6 (BETA)

Chapter 7 (BETA)

Chapter 8 (BETA)

Chapter 9 (BETA)