Skelebun Studios is an indie visual novel developer focused on serial, art-heavy, comics and animation inspired kinetic novels! Check out our current projects below!

DreamCatcher: Reflections

A kinetic visual novel series about a girl who actually WANTS to stay in the fantasy world she’s whisked away to–after all, fighting monsters and trekking across a strange land beats high school any day of the week. There’s one problem, however–no one seems to know what she’s doing there. Follow Riza’s (mis)adventures as she and her eclectic new group of companions as they try to solve the mystery of the Dreamers…before it’s too late.

Play Dead!

Corey, Kaleb, Brian, and Savannah are in a band, and are what you might call “up-and-coming”–a.k.a. totally broke and touring the country, playing shows for pocket change, in a beat-up old van. When they seek help after breaking down in the middle of nowhere, they come across a mysterious abandoned house…until it turns out that the residents are still there, just a bit…undead. After high-tailing it back to civilization, they find themselves with a strange stowaway–the ghost of a small dog. Suddenly, the band can’t seem to stop getting into supernatural shenanigans on the road–seemingly all thanks to their spectral new pet, Thief.


Even after (forcefully) recruiting you, the weird occult club at your new school is still short members…so why not put their skills to the test and summon a few?