What is the difference between the free chapters and paid volumes of DreamCatcher: Reflections?

In short, updates and features. The free chapters are beta releases that are pushed out pretty much as soon as they’re functional, and won’t be receiving updates unless there’s a game-breaking bug. They’re totally readable and are a valid way to enjoy the story, but they’re lacking some of the polish of later volume compilations (also, you have to download the free chapters individually). The volume releases also have extra features, including partial voice acting, art galleries, and exclusive bonus stories that dive deeper into character backstories, worldbuilding, and other things that might not fit into the main plot.¬†

Think of it like the difference between a TV anime and a Blu-Ray release.

Do I have to pay for your games?

At the moment, the only paid release I have out is Volume 1 of DreamCatcher: Reflections; everything else is donationware. So, no, you don’t have to pay, but if you have a couple dollars to throw my way it’d be greatly appreciated!

I'm a reviewer/Streamer, can I get a review copy of your game?

Probably! Most of my games are free, in which case, feel free to just download and stream or review; you shouldn’t run into any copyright issues with Youtube or Twitch (if you do, please let me know so I can figure out why). For paid games, contact me at skelebunstudios@gmail.com and we can probably arrange something as long as you have a legit channel or site to show me (yes, I will check).

Can I still read the original DreamCatcher webcomic?

Yes! It’s still up on Comic Fury. Though, most of the major story beats are the same as in the reboot, so beware spoilers.

Will you need more voice actors?

Probably! I’ll be posting any voice acting opportunities on Casting Call Club; follow me there or on Twitter if you’re a VA interested in auditioning for my projects. Some will be paid, some not. (PLEASE don’t cold email/DM me just to ask if I need more VAs; audition opportunities are always posted publicly.)

I'm part of a translation team, can I translate your games?

Translation is something I’d like to tackle eventually, but it’s not really on the priority list at the moment. That said, send me an email that contains information about you/your group, previous works you’ve translated, and your prices, and I’ll at least take it under consideration.

Do you need music/composers?

I have a few composers I’ve used previously that I prefer to go to, but this is another thing I’ll post publicly about if I’m looking for. This is also another “Please don’t cold message me” situation; at best you’ll get a “sorry, not right now!”

Do you need help with *insert other thing here*?

Possibly! I’m slowly adding to the team because doing pretty much everything myself gets a little out of hand sometimes. I don’t have much of a budget to work with right now, but if you think you have some useful service to offer (besides the above mentioned ones), then you are certainly welcome to ask! I’d mainly be looking for CG/BG colorists, programmers versed in Ren’Py, and possibly writers/editors and voice directors.

Is there romance in your games?

As of now, the only one that’s planned to have actual romance routes upon a full release is Mitra. DCR and Play Dead! may include some romance, but it’s not intended to be a major feature.

Will there be LGBT content in your games?

Probably! A number of characters in Play Dead! and Mitra, as well as a handful in DCR, are canonically somewhere on the LGBT spectrum. Again, romance generally isn’t a major feature in Skelebun games, but also, like…don’t be too surprised to find out your favorite character isn’t straight or cis.

Do your products utilize NFTs/Crypto in any way?

No, and they never will. This is a firmly anti-NFT studio unless and until a LOT of things change about that whole culture. If you ever see any of my art or other materials on an NFT site, please contact me immediately, as it’s certainly not being used with permission.

Will you do art for my games?

Maybe! My (Hazu) commission order info and prices are available here, though at some point I intend to put together a commission form specifically for VN sprites.